An awareness campaign



Depression is increasingly turning into an epidemic, draing the life energy and the will to live, laugh and learn. #WhenIWonDepression is an effort to talk, share and win this battle against depression together.


In the spirit of 'Healing through Sharing', Karmbhoomi Leaders Ojaswini Gul, Jasvinder Singh and Guncha open up and share their battles and victories with depression.

Share your story


If you too have a story, a victory against Depression, do share!

Tag a friend


If you know someone - a friend, a family member, a collegue who is battling/ won over Depression, tag them and inspire them to share their story

Conduct a Karmbhoomi Session


You too can conduct an interactive awareness session regarding Depression in your college or unviversity.

The Karmbhoomi Team is travelling across India, visiting colleges and universities; senstizing students about depression and creating mental health awareness.


You too can invite them to your college/university.


Contact : +91 9818584145/ karmbhoomiseries@gmail.com


Get connected at +91 9818584145 or karmbhoomiseries@gmail.com

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